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CensorCut VST plugin

CensorCut VST UI


CensorCut is a VST plugin effect for censoring your audio content.
It is used as insert on audio track / bus / master and works on the sound, it has two modes:

"BEEP" mode

A "bleep censor" is inserted in replacement of the audio signal when you press (and hold) the "-18" button or when pressing any MIDI note (you have to assign a MIDI track to the plugin for that!. The beep sound is a classic 1 KHz sinus sound, the famous "beep" used in film / TV industry for censoring profanity and explicit contents.
The duration of the 1000 Hz beep sound is determined by the time you hold the "-18" button or the sustain time of the MIDI note you play. A very fast crossfade is applied to prevent for unwanted "clicks". You can record your censoring session by automatising the "beep" parameter, or just record a MIDI track!

"Crypt" mode

In this mode, the plugin process the audio signal and apply an audio encryption that make your audio unrecognisable. just click on the "X" logo to activate / disable the encryption mode.

Audio demo

"Beep" mode for censuring profanity in the vocals:

audio encryption on the master :


CensorCut VST is freeware ! go to the download section and get it for free.