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CensorCut VST FAQ

Q: How to install the plugin ?
R: You just have to copy the .dll files from the archive in your VST plugins folder.

Q: Is CensorCut an instrument or an effect ?
R: CensorCut VST is an effect, you have to use it as insert on your tracks/bus/master.

Q: what about MIDI ?
R: CensorCut VST is able to receive MIDI message, any decent sequencer can send a MIDI track to a VST effect.

Q: Where are the buttons / knobs / parameters ?
R: the two symbols on the right bottom are the buttons : "-18" & "X".

Q: Beep isn't working! ?
R: In "Crypt" mode the beep are disabled.

Q: What's the duration of the beeeeep ?
R: The duration is determined by the time you hold the "beep" button (or the MIDI note).

Q: How to record automation for the beep & encrypting ?
R: LThe "beep" & "crypt" buttons are automatable parameters, thje "beep" can also be triggered with a MIDI track.

Manuel CensorCut VST

The PDF manual is available too : CensorCut VST manual